Agnes The Photographer

Your photographer is the studio owner!

She has been involved in the photography business for over 13 years and has had clients throughout the United States and across Europe.

She is also a woman and understands the issues which we women face every day. She knows about our insecurities, our fears, our worries, our balances of life and work and family.

She knows how a woman feels about the world and about herself, and through this connection brings her heart and soul to every session. Every moment in front of the camera is a chance for her clients to let go of the worries of work and home, and to express their inner goddesses. With Agnes there is no judging, no criticism, and no worries. The world outside of the studio’s four walls seems to stop for a brief instance. You can relax and express your beauty both outside and from within.

During your time together you can be a vixen, an angel, a pirate, a devil, a queen, an artist, or just be yourself. Whoever you are now and whoever you will be, come to our studio with an open mind and an open heart ready to relax and have fun!

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