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What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir Defined

The word “Boudoir” is the French word for bedroom. “Boudoir photography” refers to images that have themes of love, romance, sensuality, and flirtation. Boudoir photography captures the frame of mind of love, affection, romance, sexuality, strength, and expression.

Who gets boudoir photography?

Anyone! Our clients want to feel beautiful on the inside and outside and our sessions allow for every woman to set free her inner goddess. We don’t judge you. Many of our clients are brides to be who have the images made as gifts for their fiancés on their wedding day. Other clients have the gifts made for someone special for Valentine’s Day, first year anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas. Other clients have a boudoir session of themselves for themselves either as a celebration of freedom, improvements to body, or general weight loss.

Who is the photographer?

All boudoir photography is done by a female photographer. The studio owner will always be your photographer, given the intimate nature of the sessions. She is available for in studio sessions as well as on site session at your home. You can view her other work by viewing her main wedding and portrait portfolio at

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